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Are you seeking to extend your business footprint within the prosperous and advanced market of Norway?, based in the heart of Norway, is your optimal partner for accessing targeted market data and breaking into this promising territory.

Why You Should Target the Prosperous Norwegian Market


Strong Economy

Norway boasts one of the world’s most prosperous economies, driven by a mix of natural resources, including oil and gas, and a strong focus on technology and innovation. 


Norway’s GDP per capita is approximately 80% higher than the world’s average


High Purchasing Power

Due to its economic prosperity and the equitable distribution of wealth, Norwegians have a high disposable income. This translates into strong purchasing power.


Over 90% of Norwegians fall within the middle to high-income category


Technologically Advanced

Norwegians are early adopters of technology, with high internet penetration and digital literacy rates. 


With an internet penetration rate exceeding 98%, Norway is one of the world’s most connected countries


High English Proficiency

Around 90% of Norwegians speak English, easing communication for international businesses and reducing the barrier to entry.


Around 90% of Norwegians speak English, easing communication for international businesses and reducing the barrier to entry.


Stable Market

Norway has a robust, stable economy and political system, reducing the risk for businesses looking to establish or expand their operations in the country. 


With a score of 84%, Norway ranks among the top 5 countries on the Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index.


Gateway to Scandinavia and Europe

Norway serves as a strategic launching pad for businesses looking to further expand into Scandinavian and other European markets.


Norway provides access to the European market, which represents about 22% of global GDP.

How We Can Help You

At, we specialize in crafting curated contact lists tailored precisely to your unique business needs. Alongside this, we offer customized advertisements in native Norwegian language to reach your targeted audience more effectively. Our in-depth understanding of the Norwegian market landscape guarantees that your marketing initiatives reach individuals who are most likely to become your loyal customers.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our comprehensive data allows you to customize your contact lists based on criteria such as company type, geographical location, income bracket, industry code, and more. Our databases are continuously updated to provide the most accurate and current information, optimizing your resources and ensuring maximum return on investment.


Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are commonly asked by businesses contacting us.

How does help businesses reach potential clients in Norway? leverages its deep understanding of the Norwegian market to provide businesses with tailored contact lists and customized marketing initiatives. Our services are designed to reach your potential clients effectively and efficiently.

What kind of businesses can benefit from's services?

Any business looking to expand its customer base into Norway can benefit from our services. We cater to businesses across various sectors, from start-ups to established corporations.

How accurate is the contact information provided by

Our databases are continually updated using multiple sources and registries. We ensure that the contact information we provide is up-to-date, reducing the risk of wasted resources on outdated lists.

Can I specify criteria for the contact lists I purchase from

Absolutely! You can sort your list based on criteria such as company form, municipality, county, revenues, operating results, number of employees, industry code, and equity.

Can assist with marketing initiatives in the native Norwegian language?

Yes. We are proficient in native Norwegian language marketing strategies, which allows us to help your business effectively engage with potential Norwegian customers.


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